Well 2020 will be a year that we will never forget! In our Blog, however, we do not want to focus on the horror of the year but rather celebrate the Business Partners that we work with throughout the world.

Today we would like to Celebrate Offecct. Offecct is based in Sweden and has a strong commitment to sustainable design.  Their work ethic is actually based around the United Nations 17 goals towards sustainable development!

Offecct has adopted the ethos that the world is full of products, and they do not want to contribute to the excess – unless the furniture they make can in some way add genuine value to people, architecture and society.  They say that they always demand that their designs have that magical elusive spark that makes the world a little better – I hope you agree with us that that is a most wonderful sentiment.  Their furniture they say must stir the senses, heart and intellect – and that, in short, they are worth loving.

The Offecct team says that is their mission and their passion!

At Interstudio we believe this is truly seen in the latest releases from Offecct where they have created exciting fusions between Scandinavia and Japan through their collaborations with Tokyo=based designers Teruhiro Yanagihara and Jin Kuramoto – with the Osaka Collection and the Maki Chair.

Offecct will continue to offer innovative design on the planet’s terms.  The mission of all at Offecct and at Interstudio is to create and bring to market furniture for a better, healthier and greener world – which we all must agree is more important than ever before.

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