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October 2022

Flokk’s partnership with Hydro adds new dimension of sustainability to HÅG Celi

Flokk’s design collaboration with aluminium experts Hydro combines cutting edge recycling technology with innovative furniture design, resulting in a chair with the lowest carbon footprint possible For decades, Flokk has been on a journey to create increasingly environmentally conscious furniture. Using recycled materials is a crucial aspect of this approach, conserving natural resources whilst reducing waste, energy usage and carbon emissions. When designing the HÅG Celi, early on aluminium was singled out as a key material for many of the components. In order to ensure...

November 2020

Own Your Impact

Interstudio are proud to be associated with Emeco We applaud their new initiative of measuring the Carbon Footprint on each of their Ranges Own your impact. Do companies have goals beyond the stuff they produce? We like to think so.Measuring the carbon footprint is the first step towards reducing it. Emeco started off with scrap aluminium. Not because it was ‘green’, but because it made sense. Since 1944, Emeco have used waste materials to make chairs with a long life. Their first chair, the 1006...

October 2016

Jonas Ihreborn at Interstudio

On the 29/11/16 we launched our new line from Jonas Ihreborn at Interstudio. Jonas Ihreborn himself joined us from Sweden where he was able to meet and enjoy the company of our 130 guests. During his visit to Australia we were able to hear the story behind his designs and learn and share the passion in which is put into each of his designs. Jonas was born into the business making him the third generation in furniture design. Learning the craft...

September 2016

August 2016

Pelikan Design

Pelikan Copenhagen is Niels Gammel Gaard and Lars Mathiesen, who design with one mission in mind – ‘do good’. “We want to make ordinary life a little bit more comfortable, a little bit more enjoyable and a little bit more clever with our design. Every little detail on every product must fulfill this mission”

Peter Opsvik

Peter Obsvik is a Norwegian designer known for innovative and ergonomic designs. Peter's goal is designing product that cause the body to move. This has been evident in his work including the Capisco and Capisco Puls which inspire many different postures while using the same chair. Throughout his career Peter has been awarded numerous awards including the Red Dot award 2011 for Capisco Puls, IF Product Design gold award 2011 for Capisco Puls and the Norwegian Design of Excellence award 2011